What We Do

flow dynamics

Ingu offers a unique way to measure the flow dynamics of liquids in any environment using our free-floating smart sensors - Xploring WiseMotes (XWMs). The XWMs move with the liquid during regular operation and continuously measure and store the flow dynamics. The technology provides information to better understand flow and optimize processes.

pipeline efficiency

Our free-floating sensors do not interrupt the operation which makes them very suited for frequent use in water, oil, chemical and slurry pipelines. The capabilities and size are perfect for use in challenging pipelines. The collected data contributes to the understanding of the fluid dynamics and condition of the pipeline.

mixing process

The weight of our free-floating smart sensors can be adjusted to match the weight of commonly used liquids and solids making them the only tool capable of measuring the dynamics of multiphase fluids or multi fluid liquids during operation in an industrial mixer.

waste water dynamics

A wastewater stream has a highly heterogenous character which makes it hard to determine flow dynamics and sedimentation. Our Xploring WiseMotes can mimic the weight and dynamics of components in the stream and are thus particularly suited to optimize transport.

Our Solutions

Data capturing

Robust, miniaturized mobile sensor systems designed to explore and move within, inspect and/or map difficult to access areas, Xploring WiseMotes™ are perfectly suited to characterize the dynamic behavior of multi-phase flows in pipelines and/or physical and chemical reactors.

Data analytics

The core of our solutions is the data analysis and visualization. The analysis is based on anomaly detection of consecutive measurements; i.e. determine changes in behavior over time and predict the meaning and consequence of those changes.

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