What We Do

flow dynamics

Ingu offers a unique way to measure the flow dynamics of liquids in any environment using our free-floating smart sensors - Xploring WiseMotes (XWMs). The XWMs move with the liquid during regular operation and continuously measure and store the flow dynamics. The technology provides information to better understand flow and optimize processes.

pipeline efficiency

Our free-floating sensors do not interrupt the operation which makes them very suited for frequent use in water, oil, chemical and slurry pipelines. The capabilities and size are perfect for use in challenging pipelines. The collected data contributes to the understanding of the fluid dynamics and condition of the pipeline.

mixing process

The weight of our free-floating smart sensors can be adjusted to match the weight of commonly used liquids and solids making them the only tool capable of measuring the dynamics of multiphase fluids or multi fluid liquids during operation in an industrial mixer.

waste water dynamics

A wastewater stream has a highly heterogenous character which makes it hard to determine flow dynamics and sedimentation. Our Xploring WiseMotes can mimic the weight and dynamics of components in the stream and are thus particularly suited to optimize transport.

Latest News

Ingu appoints Bogerman as CTO

Kitchener – Jan. 9, 2017, Released by Ingu Solutions Inc. Ingu Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Arjen Bogerman as its new CTO. With the appointment of Bogerman, Ingu is perfectly positioned to fulfill its ambition to become a leading innovator in th

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XWMs ride the waves in Miami hurricane lab

Miami – Dec. 9, 2016 – The last two days Ingu's Xploring WiseMotes™ (XWMs) rode the waves in the Air-Sea interaction Salt Water Tank (ASIST) at the University of Miami's SUSTAIN laboratory; a lab specialized in the investigation of air-sea interactions, wave dynamic

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Ingu Solutions Named Most Promising Canadian Company at the Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum

Kitchener – Sept. 19, 2016 – The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship (Rice Alliance) announced the 10 Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Venture Companies at the 14th Annual Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum in Houston last week. Energy

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“Excellent technology. Very intelligent and focused staff. They were able to work with us and adapt to meet our needs.”

JohnPaul Portelli, Shell Canada

“They do listen to what our challenges are and propose the unconventional approach to solve the problem. They delivered what they promised and were on schedule. At this point we were not able to use their products due to specifics of the project, but the experience was rewarding and helpful to identify opportunities. We would not mind working with them in the future.”

Iana Petukhov, Mosaic Potash

“We worked together with INGU in visualizing their sensor data. We were amazed with the speed and accuracy INGU works. They were able to turn their data into visualizations which everybody is able to understand.”

Remco Dolman, Spotzi

“CanNorth has been collaborating with Ingu Solutions since the company’s inception in 2014. Based on my experience, Ingu Solutions uses “outside the box’ ingenuity to sensor related challenges that function as designed and are produced on time.‎ Therefore, I highly recommend Ingu Solutions for any innovative challenges you may have.”

Peter Vanriel, CanNorth