Pipers™: Operational control in the palm of your hand

No longer do you need to accept the operational downtime and escalating cost of heavy equipment and high-priced consultants associated with in-line inspection of your pipeline assets. Now operational certainty and cost control fit in the palm of your hand. Using Ingu’s Pipers™ technology you will gather the critical maintenance and pipeline performance information you require without giving up control in the process.

Pipers™ are sophisticated, miniaturized mobile sensors that travel over distance within your pipeline assets, identifying risks and performance issues such as leaks, geometric defects and deposits. Runs can be executed multiple times throughout the year at no additional cost, as Pipers™ are available exclusively on an annual subscription basis.


With Pipers™ your reach is limitless

Only 1.5 inches in diameter, Pipers™ give you full access to your pipeline assets – performing equally in piggable and unpiggable conditions.


Features include:

− Triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to record and combine the sensor system’s acceleration, rotation, and gravitational forces

− Capability to match the specific weight of the material of interest

− Chemically inert and high-pressure resistant

− Data is initially stored on-board, enabling continuous measurements for over three hours

− Multiple Pipers™ can be synchronized to perform a combined measurement.