Meet Our Team

  • John van Pol
    John van Pol CoFounder & CEO

    Entrepreneur with a 20+ year career in science and technology. Passion for new and unprecedented ideas. PhD in Physics.

  • Yvonne van den Berg
    Yvonne van den Berg CoFounder & CCO

    6 Years at Oil & Gas service provider. Extensive background in communications in private and public sector. MA in Business Communications.

  • Arjen Bogerman
    Arjen Bogerman CTO

    Leading expert in the development of robust and reliable micro-electronics for In-Line Inspection. Started his career developing high tech electronics for the military.

  • Anouk van Pol
    Anouk van Pol Chief Data Scientist

    With a Bachelor in Economics and Physics, excellently positioned to interpret Ingu’s data in the context of our clients business.

  • Aidan Bjelke
    Aidan Bjelke Embedded Software Developer
  • Jane (Hyo Jung) Son
    Jane (Hyo Jung) Son Data Scientist
  • Zachary Shand
    Zachary Shand Data Scientist
  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith Data Scientist