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Small diameter specialists; PipersTM in-line screening abilities will tell you anything and everything you need to know

PipersTM are particularly suitable for screening small diameter pipelines. Their small diameter (2.2 inch with a special 1.5 inch version for really small pipelines) and round shape allows them to travel easily through tight sections and sharp bends.

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Leak detection

PipersTM are very suitable for acoustic leak detection because they have hardly any background noise since they are free-floating in the liquid.

Wall loss

Through the Metal Magnetic Memory method PipersTM are able to screen for volumetric wall loss. In particular when used on a regular basis.


PipersTM (combined with off-the-shelve cleaning pigs) can pass through any bend while determining the bend angle and radius.


PipersTM measure the pressure profile over the length of the pipeline indicating changes in diameter and pipeline condition.


Working smarter

Every time PipersTM pass through the line they add layers of understanding of your pipeline

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PipersTM do not require heavy equipment or down-time

Deep knowledge, simple operation

PipersTM can be launched and received by the operator whenever is needed, flowing through fully operational assets.

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